JORG Fitness School Cup Challenge


Congratulations to Oatley Public School winners of the 1km 2017 School Cup Challenge & Innaburra School winners of the 2.5km 2017 School Cup Challenge. 


A big thank you and congratulations to all schools who participated! We look forward to seeing you back next year.



1km - Oatley West Public School

2.5km - Trinity Grammar



1km - Lugarno Public School

2.5km - Peakhurst West Public School 


1km - St Declans Penshurt

2.5km - St Josephs Oatley


1km - Oatley Public School

2.5km - Innaburra School

*Please note the winner of the School Cup Challenge will not be announced on the morning of the event. Times will be calculated and then the winner will be announced on our website and the school will be contacted. We will then organise a time to come in and present the trophy at your school assembly.